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Greetings from the staff of the agro industrial company «Pivdenagropererobka» LLC!

Our products are well-known under the trademark «Gurman », these are natural canned vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, canned marrows), canned legumes (green pees, canned beans and even the bean with mushrooms), tinned snacks (the vegetable marrow paste «Summer», salads), sauces (a tomato paste, an adjika sauce, tomato sauces), vegetable sauces (tomato natural, carroty, carroty-apple). More than 20 years we make the products of the trademark «Gurman » using the vegetables those we grow on our own fertile fields under the warm south sun in Odessa region.

All fields are situated near our plant so we use only fresh vegetables for the conservation, we gather vegetables and in 20 minutes we use these vegetables for the production. One more guarantee of our products is our principle – we do not use colorants, aroma ingredients and GMO for the production. We pack all the products of the trademark «Gurman » in the most environmentally compliant packing – a glass jar - to save the maximal biological value. So our products present customers with health and happiness all the year round.

Products And Services
Alfalfa Hay
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 140 USD from 18 pcs
SpecificationsType: Hay Variety: Alfalfa Hay Use: Cattle, Chicken, Dog, Horse, Pig, Other Admixture (%): 1%max Moisture (%): 12% of Max Grade: Top Grade Packaging: 20kg/bales, 35kg/bales Place of Origin: Ukraine Model Number: Animal Feed Additive Product type: Animal feed Color: Green
Group: Hay
In stock
Are minimum the order of 500 kg. Vyrashchenov Odessa region. To Uyen specify at the order Onions - a source of vitamins of group B, C, essential oils and mineral substances such, as: calcium, manganese, copper, cobalt, zinc, fluorine, molybdenum, iodine, iron and nickel. Onions are rich with...
Group: Onions
Chick-pea/Chik Pea
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 1000 EUR from 20 pcs
 Chick-pea triumph of 400 tons
Group: Chick-pea
In stock
Ukrainian producer of agricultural implements harvest 2016. Oilseed rape and 300 tonnes. Terms of delivery FCA, FOB, CPT, CIP, . For a detailed discussion, please contact us personally.
Group: Products of grain processing
Tomato paste in a tin
Not available | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 2.60 UAH(2.60 EUR) from 252 pcs
Tomato paste of the GOURMET Trademark is a product from the Ukrainian producer, for fans to prepare something tasty and professionals. Is on sale in tin 3-ekh (three) one-liter jars. At production of this paste the producer uses only juicy and fleshy grades of tomatoes. In the course of...
Group: Tomato paste
Sunflower sunflower seeds
In stock
Seeds of a sunflower are a surprising product. The biological value of sunflower seeds is higher, than the value of eggs or meat, and they here are digested and acquired much easier. In them it is more vitamin D, than in cod liver fat which was always considered as its richest source; the...
Group: Sunflower seeds
Alfalfa seeds
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 2 EUR from 20 pcs
Alfalfa seeds 80 t. Purity of 99.5%
Group: Seeds of forage grasses
White cabbage
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 2.50 UAH from 20 t.
   Recommends to wholesale a white cabbage LLC Pivdenagropererobka (TM "Gourmet"). A white cabbage – it is good all the known culture (vegetable) which is actively used in cookery. It serves as irreplaceable ingredient of many dishes, at the same time has such amount of useful...
Group: White cabbage
Onions peeled
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 6 UAH from 20 t.
The onions peeled by wholesale to you will manage to be bought in LLC Pivdenagropererobka. We are also known under TM "Gourmet". The recommended production is cleared of stalks, an integumentary leaf and roots. In this regard the term of its storage considerably decreases therefore realization is...
Group: Bulb onion
Chinese cabbage
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 4.50 UAH from 20 t.
   The Beijing cabbage wholesale can be acquired in "Pivdenagropererobka". It is presented in the vegetable form with an oblong head of cabbage, with leaves of the juicy-green color which is turning yellow to the center of a head of cabbage. Leaves fleshy and juicy. Today the given...
Group: Cabbage
Lucerne seeds
In stock
55 UAH
In our country there are many useful areas suitable for cultivation of grain crops and other food vegetation. Therefore many use it, being engaged as commercial activity on the earth commercially, and working at the private site, not only for self-satisfaction, but also for receiving profit. List...
Group: Lucerne
Peas seeds Gregor
In stock | Wholesale and retail
12000 UAH
Wholesale: 12000 UAH from 1 t.
I will sell 18 tons of seeds of grain peas a grade Gregor 1 reproduction
Group: Seeds of legumes


Ukraine,  Odessa region,  Мирное,  st. Krajnyaya, 1a


Vadim Bondarenko

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When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!
When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!


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