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Bulb onion

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Are minimum the order of 500 kg. Vyrashchenov Odessa region. To Uyen specify at the order Onions - a source of vitamins of group B, C, essential oils and mineral substances such, as: calcium, manganese, copper, cobalt, zinc, fluorine, molybdenum, iodine, iron and nickel. Onions are rich with...
Group: Bulb onion
Onions peeled
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Wholesale: 6 UAH from 20 t.
The onions peeled by wholesale to you will manage to be bought in LLC Pivdenagropererobka. We are also known under TM "Gourmet". The recommended production is cleared of stalks, an integumentary leaf and roots. In this regard the term of its storage considerably decreases therefore realization is...
Group: Bulb onion


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