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Sunflower sunflower seeds

Sunflower sunflower seeds
  • Sunflower sunflower seeds
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Seeds of a sunflower are a surprising product. The biological value of sunflower seeds is higher, than the value of eggs or meat, and they here are digested and acquired much easier.

In them it is more vitamin D, than in cod liver fat which was always considered as its richest source; the substances which are contained in sunflower seeds improve a condition of skin and mucous membranes, normalize their acid-base balance. For this reason seeds of a sunflower are often applied in cosmetology.

Proteins of sunflower seeds contain a set of the irreplaceable amino acids providing a normal fatty exchange in an organism; in sunflower seeds there are a lot of nonsaturated fatty acids - linoleic, palmitic, olein, stearin, arakhidonovy and others.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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