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Tomato paste in a tin

Tomato paste in a tin
  • Tomato paste in a tin
  • Tomato paste in a tin
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Wholesale: 2.60 UAH(2.60 EUR) from 252 pcs
Brand:ТД Гурман
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Tomato paste of the GOURMET Trademark is a product from the Ukrainian producer, for fans to prepare something tasty and professionals.
Is on sale in tin 3-ekh (three) one-liter jars.

At production of this paste the producer uses only juicy and fleshy grades of tomatoes.
In the course of transformation of tomatoes into paste, they undergo such technical processes:
at first fray, and homogeneous (uniform) weight turns out, then uvarivatsya before receiving the high-concentrated product.

Contains in paste TM "Gourmet" twenty - forty percent of dry components, this main difference of paste from tomatoes puree.

Culinary specialists use this tasty, fragrant, natural and, the main thing, an economical product for the masterpieces long ago and often.
By means of tomato paste of TM "Gourmet" gravies, ready gas stations, soups prepare smart sauce, put it at preservation, when stewing meat and fish, grease preparations for pizza.
Commercially the concentrated tomato paste is applied to production of various ketchup, tomato juice (not a direct extraction, and restored), etc. the foodstuff containing a tomato in a basis.

Brand:ТД Гурман
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Weight: 3 kg
Volume: 3 L
Food energy: - kJ / 100 g
Information is up-to-date: 12.01.2018

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