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Gurman ™
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Greetings from the staff of the agro industrial company «Pivdenagropererobka» LLC!

Our products are well-known under the trademark «Gurman », these are natural canned vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, canned marrows), canned legumes (green pees, canned beans and even the bean with mushrooms), tinned snacks (the vegetable marrow paste «Summer», salads), sauces (a tomato paste, an adjika sauce, tomato sauces), vegetable sauces (tomato natural, carroty, carroty-apple). More than 20 years we make the products of the trademark «Gurman » using the vegetables those we grow on our own fertile fields under the warm south sun in Odessa region.

All fields are situated near our plant so we use only fresh vegetables for the conservation, we gather vegetables and in 20 minutes we use these vegetables for the production. One more guarantee of our products is our principle – we do not use colorants, aroma ingredients and GMO for the production. We pack all the products of the trademark «Gurman » in the most environmentally compliant packing – a glass jar - to save the maximal biological value. So our products present customers with health and happiness all the year round.

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